Learn about tree care, conservation and a healthy planet with Timmy Womick’s TreeCircus! 

This energetic stage show is interactive, educational and captivating for all ages.  Womick covers it all, from urban particulate pollution to basic tree biology, while keeping the audience in stitches.

treecircus youtube thumbnailDuring their performances, TreeCircus discusses numerous tidbits about biology, showing how trees filter urban particulate pollution.  They help students understand how their local trees can lower the temperature and raise their spirits. Throughout the hour-long program, participants learn many things about trees, including: their value, why we should plant more of them, and even how to climb them like the pros. Those who suddenly find themselves a part of the TreeCircus act, out in front of the audience, generally blossom in their own right. Student participation is what these programs are all about.

The show is often capped off with a climbing demonstration by world-class tree climbing competitor, Chad Brey.  He demonstrates an often overlooked gift of trees – jobs!

Grayson Keating, TreeCircus Naturalist joined the stage show in 2017 and is Safety Director for the TreeCircus Tree Climbing Experience.

You never know when TreeCircus will have a surprise visit from the
costume characters, Treetures® : Professors Arbor E. Tum and Vinca Vinestein the Treesearch Scientists that help teach what trees need to grow healthy.
Meet all 30 tiny Treeture Tree Keepers at www.treetures.com

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