2021 Virtual Tour

Our TreeCircus Virtual Assembly Program is an adaptation of our California Arbor Week Tour.  The program recognizes that trees are a vital resource to our communities and serve as an important link with nature for California’s residents.  Due to the pandemic we are unable to visit the schools onsite however the virtual adaptation will allow us to share the bring our TreeCircus assemblies virtually to communities that likely have not experienced anything like this before.    

Each assembly is one hour long and focuses on urban forest education and careers in arboriculture.  They include a 30-minute recorded show followed by a live streamed “meet and greet” with the TreeCircus.   Educator Timmy Womick and Naturalist Grayson Keating explain tree biology and urban forestry in a way school-aged child find engaging and inspiring.  The virtual environment allows for a “special appearance” from Professor Arbor E Tum and Vinca Veinstein, the Britton Fund, Inc.’s “tree”search scientists.  Treetures® are whimsical characters that guide children, PreK-3 and 4-6, through discovery activities that are developmentally appropriate and scientifically accurate. 


The Virtual adaptation of California Arbor Week Tour will:

  • raise the public awareness of the benefits of trees
  • educate school-aged children about the role the urban forest plays in their communities
  • inspire school-aged children to follow a career in arboriculture
  • introduce the concept of tree advocacy to the youth and leave them with the tools to create a plan in their own communities.

Ready to schedule an event with us? please complete the google doc or contact Rita Franco by email (rita@wcisa.net) or phone at 559-784-8733.

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