“Your program instilled in my students a sense of ability to participate in individual and community stewardship, inspiring action at both levels . . . your high energy presentation is very inspiring. It’s the perfect complement to our new project kick-off.”

“Different students respond to different teaching styles and techniques. You have the ability to reach students on a level to make them do a behavioral change.”

“To my students, science IS a foreign language, not only did you entertain them, they understand it more, and your broad vocabulary interested them.  They’re still talking about you.”

“AWESOME!! Tim was great, he is such a great entertainer. The kids loved him! It was so inspiring that after the show couple of the kids were inspired to clean their garden and protect the new native Hawaiian trees that were planted for them several months ago. Awesome Show!”

“Everyone was amazed by Tim’s incredible energy. His rapid fire pace captivated the students and they were attentive and engaged throughout the event. His great props totally supported his delivery, and the repetition of the instruction effectively relayed the message to the audience.”

“Hello – we had the TreeCircus at our school today and they were AMAZING!  We’d love to see them at EVERY school in the state – such a critical message for the kids (and us big ones too) – please pass our thanks along to whomever is funding this program.  It is one of the best we’ve had come through for a very long time. The message of sustainability is so so VITAL and our students really walked away understanding that. The presenters could not have been more entertaining and convincing – FANTASTIC!”

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