2017 California Arbor Week Tour

TreeCircus will be touring Southern California in celebration of California Arbor Week from Feb 27 – March 10, 2017.  Kicking off in San Diego, this high energy group will hold about 20 “edu-taining” school assemblies throughout the southern half of the state!

During their performances, TreeCircus will dig into biology, urban forestry, and even careers in arboriculture.  They’ll help students understand how their local trees can lower the temperature and raise their spirits. Throughout the program participants will learn all about trees, including their value, why we should plant more of them, and even how to climb trees like the pros. Student participation is central to the show’s success. Watch a youtube video of the assembly here.

These assemblies are sponsored by Cal Fire and the US Forest Service – they are provided to schools at no cost!

School requirements:

  • We ask that you provide a youth audience from 50-1000 students.  Consider bringing several classes, schools or after-school programs together!  Our shows are on a tight schedule, so please have students seated and ready to go at show time.
  • Provide a well-lit stage area with microphone and speakers, one 6′ table and six chairs on the stage.  Our performers will need access to the stage area one hour before show time.
  • Commit to tying our message about trees into your curriculum.  For example, students could write short essays or poems about the significance of Arbor Day and fill out activity sheets that pertain to the show.

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