2015 California State Fair

WHAT DO TREES GIVE US? – Timmy Womick, modern day Johnny Appleseed, delights kids of all ages with this interactive “edu”-taining stage show.

This will be our 5th year celebrating the gifts of trees at the California State Fair with the Green Dream Climbing Experience Exhibit. It consists of a hilarious and interactive TreeCircus performance every hour, Kid’s Tree Climbing, Ask-the-Arborist booth, face painting area, and an hourly visit from the Treeture, Professor Arbor E. Tum… all at no cost to fair visitors!

The Green Dream inspires and educates, continuing the tradition of teaching young tree lovers how to climb like a pro. We’ve built on our “Urban Forest” display theme this year and will have an actual tree installed on our stage! The tree needed to be removed from its original home for health reasons, but will live on our stage for the month of July.

Volunteer buttonVOLUNTEERS NEEDED! 

ASK THE ARBORIST BOOTH: This volunteer will be available to answer questions about tree care from the public. We will provide resources to help demonstrate your answers including reference books and brochures the Sacramento Tree Foundation, CaUFC & California ReLeaf. You’re welcome to distribute your business card as well.

TREE CLIMBING EXPERIENCE:  These volunteers will assist children in using climbing saddles & ropes to ascend into our indoor urban forest. Onsite training will be available to all volunteers to use this simple Blake’s hitch system. These volunteers may also be asked to work outside the climbing zone, fitting kids into saddles and helmets and taking sign-ups.

BLUE BIRD BOX BUILDING:  We’ve added a new opportunity this year – help kids build blue bird boxes outside in the Forest Center on Tuesday afternoons!  Our weekend urban wood mill demonstrations will be creating the wood slabs needed to build these bird houses.  Volunteers will be trained onsite to run our assembly line – kids will work their way through, using a hammer and nails to create a functioning blue bird box to take home with them.



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